We service all of Huntington Beach, California. Zip codes: 90740, 92647, 92648, 92649.
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Huntington Beach Chandelier Cleaning Services

Cleaning in Orange County.

Thank you for visiting our site! Why should you use our company to clean your chandelier(s)? Here are a few reasons: We clean more chandeliers than any window cleaner or janitorial service in the area. In fact, no one cleans more chandeliers than we do in Orange County. Chandelier work is our only service. Quantity is not the only thing that matters. Our cleaning system cleans better than that of any one else. Our process leaves no soap residue. We do not damage crystal. We do not carelessly spin chandelier or put wieght on them. We have the right kind of liability insurance. We have the right equipment to reach and clean any style, size and hanging height.

Owner of Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning

Aaron Jones (pictured left or above) is the owner of Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning and long-time resident of Orange County. He has been cleaning chandeliers for 12 years. He has worked on almost 2000 light fixtures and that number rises everyday. If you have a broken glass arm, we can likely fix it. If you have a brass chandelier and it has tarnish all over it, give us a call to set an appointment to get it shining like new!

Give us a call if you have an antique, expensive, heavy chandelier or if you just have a small light fixture- we do it all.